Adhocracy Software design by Manu Franco, Product Designer

Democracy on the Internet

Adhocracy is a white-label software developed by Liqd Democracy. The tool was created to enhance democracy online. It was meant to be used by non-profit organizations which wanted open participation among its members.


This example is the custom version we built for Berlin government. A tool where its citizens could participate in the developement of the city.

Our main challenge was to make the tool enough intuitive and accessible for everyone. A simple navigation that either digital or non-digital natives could use without big troubles.

After weeks of mockups and tests, that was the version we presented to Berlin council. It was approved and implemented in their global site.

Role: UX/UI Designer
Year: 2014 - 2015

02 Pic
03 Mock

Explore your surroundings

Keep an eye on the ongoing projects and proposals that are taking place around you.

03B Mock

Navigate hundreds of projects, proposals and open discussions


Explore the proposals for your neighbourhood

Vote for your favourite proposal

05 Mock
06 MockTR

Participate to its development by sharing your opinion

07 MockTR

Follow the breadcrumbs to not get lost


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