Li-x design by Manu Franco-Product Designer

UX, IxD and UI

Art Direction, UX, IxD and UI

MeinBerlin - Adhocracy

Embracing democracy on the web

About the project:

Adhocracy is an open source software which aims to empower democracy on the web. Mein Berlin is the platform designed for creating a participative and communicative place where Berlin’s citizens can help to improve the city. Apart from Berlin, we can also find clients such as SPD party, Stiftung Mercator and several NGOs.

As part of the design team, I was responsible for developing the experience, interactions and interface of the final product delivered to the client.


UX/UI Designer


2014 - 2015


Online Software

Adhocracy Software design by Manu Franco - UX

Citizens have
the power

MeinBerlin, the platform built upon the software Adhocracy and developed by Liqd Democracy, brings citizens the capability of having a real impact on the development of their city. Create, vote, comment proposals to improve Berliner's life.

Adhocracy Software design by Manu Franco-UX Designer
Adhocracy Software design by Manu Franco-UX Designer


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