Sounddrive iOS app design by Manu Franco-UX Designer

Art Direction, UX, IxD and UI

Art Direction, UX, IxD and UI


In-car infotainment system

About the project:

SoundDrive is an app focused on bringing an infotainment system to all the cars out there. Old car owners use their phones to listen to music or navigate. They have to switch between services (apps) and this might mean distractions on the road. SoundDrive is a native app that provides all the services you need during your driving experience, making the trip safety.

As co-founder, I was in charge of the product part of the app, making sure of developing a responsible in-car experience. The team was invited by Google to be part of the first Google Launchpad in Berlin.


Co-Founder + Designer




iOS Native App

Sounddrive iOS app design by Manu Franco-UX

Making your trip easier & safer

SoundDrive offers a list of customizable notifications on road. It also provides security restrictions when motion is detected.

Sounddrive iOS app design by Manu Franco-UX Designer


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